Validate SimVenture Evolution

Let us help you Validate SimVenture Evolution

As a team we recognise and appreciate that you will probably need to validate SimVenture Evolution ahead of the product’s inclusion within any module or course that you plan to run.

We appreciate the validation process involves a lot of writing, submitted paperwork and meetings. To save you time, our Learning and Development Team has created a detailed document designed to help you validate SimVenture Evolution in an efficient and effective manner.

Validate SimVenture Evolution – what we provide

The comprehensive document which has been written by experienced academics working within the VSL team includes the following information:

  • Overview of a SimVenture Evolution Study Programme
  • Details of the benefits of using SimVenture Evolution
  • External reference points including QAA benchmarks
  • Structure for teaching with SimVenture Evolution
  • Links to Business, Management and Leadership programmes
  • Subject knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • Benchmark and Threshold standards

To access and download the document click on the blue button below:

SimVenture Evolution Validation Support Document

Working together

If you have any additional questions relating to your validation processes or the document we have written please contact the Learning and Development team. We are ready to help.

Feedback is essential to our continued growth and ability to provide relevant and accurate support that saves you time and helps to ensure students receive excellent tuition.

We are always keen to hear from you and connect you with like-minded users of the technology, especially if you are using or  considering using our learning technology.

Access SimVenture Club Treasure and the Community

As part of our work to engage academics, teachers and trainers we have also developed a range of free teaching and learning materials which are available to access and use as part of any validation submission and in class.

On the same part of the website you will also find you can apply to join the SimVenture Evolution Community which is open to all clients. The Community allows people to contact and message one another and learn how others are making best use of the business simulation learning solution.