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Make Teaching Business Easy with SimVenture Evolution

Our resources fast-track talent development

To help make teaching business easy, our team of experienced higher education academics continually develop ready-to-use support materials. One example is a flexible module-long Programme of Study which you’ll find on this page.

Linked to the Growth Scenario within SimVenture Evolution, the Programme is designed as a progressive set of lessons over 14 weeks. Critically, and to help make teaching business easy, the design of the Programme means it can be adapted to accommodate shortened courses if preferred.

This Programme of Study has been designed for both Undergraduate and Post Graduate modules. It also reflects the QAA Benchmark statement for Business and Management and has been delivered/tested in partnership with UK HE Institutions for students undertaking business and management courses.

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Our resources fast-track talent development
The QAA Subject Benchmark Statement for Business and Management forms the basis of this programme and can be viewed in PDF format by clicking this icon.

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