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Game-based learningGame-based Learning

A variety of SimVenture Evolution packages, reflecting the most popular use of the technology, are detailed below. All packages support highly engaging and authentic game-based learning within academic and corporate training environments.

Using accompanying detail, this page illustrates how Evolution is used by teachers and trainers with varying degrees of support from the SimVenture Learning and Development team.

Bespoke packages can be developed to suit. Standard price information is available on this website. Alternatively, contact the Sales and Client Support team to request a quote.

1. Focused curriculum use

Evolution is used to fulfil a specific purpose or set of learning objectives over any period of time ranging from 1 day to a year. Up to 100 students (working as individuals and/or teams) complete existing or bespoke game-based learning activities within the simulation in line with course or module requirements. Examples of courses and modules include MBA, Apprentice Levy and bespoke post-graduate business, management and entrepreneurship programs. Training and support (max 2 days) is provided so that tutors know how to use Evolution as well as the in-built Control Tower (allowing for remote student monitoring and Formative or Summative assessment).

2. Large-scale curriculum use

Large-scale curriculum users (up to 1,000 students) apply Evolution over several weeks and link learning materials VSL has developed with one or more in-built activities provided within the technology. Simulation use typically lasts between 3-6 months and Formative or Summative assessment is completed by way of written reflection, presentation and/or a group-based project. Students work in teams in and out of class to fulfil module objectives which typically relate to business, management, enterprise and entrepreneurship learning. As part of any game-based learning package, VSL supplies training and guidance (up to 2 days) so the teaching team: connects learning goals; knows how to monitor student progress; and delivers the module with confidence. Testimonials reflecting use are available on this site.

game-based learning3. Focused competition (Corporate and Academic)

Focused competitions are used over a short period of time (1 day to 1 month). Events allow people to participate in intensive and highly engaged team-based learning and develop enterprise, business, management and entrepreneurial leadership skills. Using existing scenarios and materials, together with a day of training and guidance, clients setup in-house events or compete with other organisations or teams in different locations. As part of the game-based learning, people compete directly against one another – or against a computer-generated scenario to achieve a set goal. For more information and examples, visit our competition and events page.

4. Enterprise competition (Corporate and Academic)

Large-scale competitions are available for use over a short period of time (4 hours to 4 weeks) as part of a single event or continuous exercise. A competition scenario and related materials are provided which typically relate to the development of enterprise, business, management and entrepreneurial leadership skills. As part of the package, a member(s) of the VSL team launches the event on-site and explains the simulation and competition activity to participants. Teams compete to achieve a set goal (or head-to-head depending on numbers) over a fixed period of time. Trainers and tutors can incorporate a final presentation (and prizes) allowing people to demonstrate how they ran their virtual company and lessons learned.