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Experiential Learning Technology

We believe well-constructed experiential learning technology fast-tracks knowledge, understanding and skill acquisition. We also believe people learn best (solo or in teams) when emotionally engaged in an authentic, active environment involving decisions, consequences, and problem-solving tasks.

Working with education partners we’ve crafted experiential learning technology for use at all degree levels as well as with college students. 

Clients explain how and why they use SimVenture Evolution

One partner using Evolution extensively is Nottingham Trent University. In 2018/19, under the guidance of Graham Thomas and Saeed Taheri, the University Business School successfully integrated SimVenture Evolution into a single module with 950 students.

You are welcome to contact Graham and Saeed (click their names above) to obtain their feedback about Evolution. Watch these 3 short films to also discover:

  1. How and why Evolution was chosen
  2. How the module was planned
  3. What methods were deployed to assess student work.

Watch Graham Thomas explain how and why SimVenture Evolution was adopted at Nottingham Trent University.

Graham Thomas and Saeed Taheri explain how they planned and prepared to use Evolution with 950 undergraduates.

In this short interview with Peter Harrington, Saeed and Graham summarise their module assessment plans and practices.

experiential learning technology
Teaching material sample

Applying materials

To help you apply SimVenture Evolution, the VSL Learning and Development Team has created a range of free and ready-to-use teaching and learning materials. View this website for sample details.

One example includes a comprehensive written module which can be used independently on a single day or as a complete course of study over several months. The subjects covered follow a structured learning process and include:

  • A session on how to get started
  • An introduction to SimVenture Evolution
  • A module on measuring students’ employability skills both before and after simulation use
  • Market Research – Market overview/competition/focus groups/ customers/demographics/ segmentation
  • Setting up a company name, strap line, logo and assigning team roles
  • Product design which allows students to design or re-design a new product
  • Production – a module exploring the production process within the company
  • Promotion – how the company promotes its product(s) to the market
  • Sales Channels – a module exploring sales channel options to sell product(s)
  • Manufacturing – students evaluate the company’s manufacturing strategy
  • Finance modules for those with and without finance experience
  • Resources – tutors have access to additional resources such as:

Additional subjects referenced and included within the materials are detailed within the table below.

Business plan templateBoard room etiquette paperBelbin Team Role exercises
Legal aspects of running a businessModels of Reflective ThinkingWorking in Multicultural teams
Asssessment ExamplesCustomer relationship management documents. Business Model Canvas template