Distance Learning

Distance learning business simulatorDistance Learning Business Simulator

Being an on-line resource, SimVenture Evolution is a powerful tool to support ‘remote’ modules, courses or programs. As long as people have access to the internet they can use the technology for distance learning business simulator exercises.

Money and time savings

Traditionally, organisations require people to travel to a single location to participate in training. Not only can this travel be expensive, but it also wastes precious time.

Since SimVenture Evolution allows people to work on-line (independently, collaboratively or competitively) the technology reduces the need for people to leave their base or removes it altogether.

The design of the simulation means any number of people can receive instructions and use the learning solution, solo or in teams. Meanwhile, trainers and tutors can monitor, communicate and assess individual and/or group progress remotely.

University of Leicester – Postgraduate Case Study

Distance learning business simulator mbaAssociate Professor of Innovation, Dr Steve Conway from the University of Leicester, wanted a distance learning business simulation solution to support his MBA course. With students based in 4 countries, he was keen to move away from the traditional case study approach and use technology to engage students in higher levels of thinking.

Using a relatively small amount of SimVenture training support, Dr Conway and his academic colleagues went onto spend 2 intensive days working with 6 different teams of people all in varying time zones. In this revealing 30 minute interview, Dr Conway highlights why he chose SimVenture Evolution and what his students and colleagues thought about the distance learning business simulation.

Use this link to find out how SimVenture Evolution has been used to support distance competitions and events at the University of Kent and the University of Leeds. If your organisation has used our technology for distance learning purposes and you’d like to be featured on this page, please get in touch with the Sales and Client Support team.