Working with you

SimVenture Evolution develop commercial talent
Use our on-line technology to develop commercial talent

Why choose us?

Since 2002, we’ve held the view that expertly-crafted business simulations engage people in meaningful learning. Authentic technology that incorporates decisions, consequences and problem solving, fast-tracks both skills and talent.

By applying SimVenture Evolution, we want to develop commercial talent within your organisation.

Using Evolution, we want to engage your colleagues in deeper and more meaningful learning that can be tracked. As a result of using the business simulation, your colleagues will contribute more to your organisation.

How we work with you to develop commercial talent

  • Firstly, take a look at our learning technology. A free on-line demonstration and trial software is available on request. Discover the depth, breadth and power of SimVenture Evolution for yourself.
  • Review the packages available on this site, contact us to say what suits or discuss bespoke requirements if you can’t find what you need.
  • We’ll show you how Evolution can help you to meet your requirements and whether expert facilitated support is necessary. Typically, there will be more than one way to solve your problem.
  • And then we’ll provide a quote and options depending on your preferences.
  • Of course, being an on-line simulator, means anyone using the technology can work from their office or home – even if they are part of a cross-border team. There’s no requirement to spend unnecessary time and money on traditional travel and accommodation costs. We’ll ensure everyone can login to and use the simulation and provide technological support throughout

What we do for clients all over the world

develop commercial talentOver the last 10+ years, our team has worked with all sizes of organisations to develop commercial talent in just about every sector. From Telecom giants to local service-sector businesses, we have years of experience of providing bespoke support. Have a look at our client list and if you want more detail, get in touch and ask to speak to our clients or request testimonials.

Being an on-line resource, people can work solo or in teams wherever there is an internet connection. And since all the necessary ‘remote access technology’ has been designed into the simulation, trainers and support staff can set tasks and review work regardless of location.

When expert trainer or facilitator support is needed, we provide the people – wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, we can also train you and your colleagues so you have all the necessary skills to complete work in-house.

And Evolution has built-in technology allowing for the extensive gathering and analysis of user performance data. ‘Control Tower’ functionality also provides people with the opportunity to observe, communicate with, alter and assess individual or group work in real time and regardless of location.

We’re also friendly people who you can trust.