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Evolution at Leeds University Business School.

Reasons to Choose SimVenture Evolution

Engaging students in authentic learning that really makes a difference means focusing carefully on every design detail. Cutting corners is not an option.

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University of Leeds Business School

In the film, Dr Emilee Simmons when working at the University of Leeds talked about the power and influence of the emoticons within the simulation. These emoticons continuously reflect the business owner’s levels of efficiency.

Why did we include the emoticons? Simply because all business owners work at different levels of efficiency (depending on a range of factors) and this impacts business performance. For us, a simulation should do what it says on the tin: Simulate.

Should you choose SimVenture Evolution, you should know our goal has always been to build a globally renowned advanced learning solution that simulates the realities of running an SME. To achieve this goal we have spent many years investing in a highly skilled team of software developers, learning technologists and experienced educators.

Other Reasons to Choose SimVenture Evolution

Here are just some of the other features that we believe stand our work out from the crowd:

  • Evolution was designed with academics, instructors and trainers for academics, instructors and trainers
  • Users run a virtual company for up to 10 simulated years in quarters (up to 40 turns)
  • Instructors and academics focus on a specific activity or time period of choice
  • In-depth user choices and information provide a rich and authentic learning experience
  • Evolution simulates time, money, stress, tiredness, staff morale and efficiency
  • Simulation users play forward but also rewind decisions too (quarters as well as whole games)
  • A comprehensive range of free teaching and learning resources accompany every education licence purchase
  • Flexible on-line access for users but also for instructors/trainers (using Evolution’s ‘Control Tower’)
  • Control Tower access allows instructors/trainers to set tasks, communicate, monitor and assess in-class and remotely
  • Specific ‘activities’ within Evolution means users focus on subject-specific or thematic tasks
  • Our Learning and Development Team comprises former senior lecturers
  • Carefully designed, easy to navigate and evolving User Interface means users engage with the simulation
  • Extensive user support information means people learn how to use the simulation quickly

A business simulation capable of revolutionising learning on a global scale

why choose evolutionAs a team, we strive to provide the gold-standard in terms of business simulation design. Achieving this status means working with and listening carefully to clients from around the world and maintaining a culture of openness and transparency.

Unlike other business simulations, we believe you should be able to view and evaluate our work in your own time. If you haven’t already done so, have a look at the walk-through videos or scroll to the foot of any page on this site to request your free on-line demo and/or evaluation copy.

Before you reach the point of deciding whether our business simulation learning technology is right for you, we want you to have thoroughly road-tested our work and feel comfortable with the support. If we are going to work together, we want to get it right from the start.


Why choose SimVenture Evolution

We’ve designed the simulation to maximise both the  learner and teacher/trainer experience. If you are still not sure whether the learning solution is the right choice for you, here are a few more reasons as to justify making SimVenture Evolution your choice of simulation.

choose SimVenture evolution the best business strategy gameWhat makes our work different?

  • People access the on-line multi-platform business strategy game wherever there is internet connection
  • Engaging user-interface, intuitive navigation and extensive user ‘Help’ in multiple formats makes the simulation easy to access & use
  • People run a business for up to 10 simulated years (in quarters) & compete against the computer or head-to-head against others
  • Sophisticated algorithms factor in money, time, stress, skills and tiredness. Little is left to chance.
  • Written scenarios & activities are continuously developed to support focused, subject-based independent learning
  • Backed and supported by a highly experienced team with extensive & combined skills in education, business and technology
  • Highly flexible resource used independently and at any time by an individual or group (it doesn’t rely on VSL staff involvement)
  • Powerful distance-learning multi-player resource allowing people to work without hassle or any travel expense
  • Developed in conjunction with 8 UK university institutions.

Choose SimVenture EvolutionClients and users who choose SimVenture Evolution regularly remark that it is the depth of our learning solutions that makes us the stand-out choice. Read the testimonials we receive and see for yourself what people are saying.

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Being an on-line product, reliable access to a good internet connection is required. Unlike our off-line business simulation ‘SimVenture Classic’ Evolution only works over the internet.

When the product launched in 2016, Evolution allowed people to run a bicycle manufacturing company. The product doesn’t yet simulate another type of business but plans are in place to provide this additional functionality. Finally, the business simulation does not let individuals to enter their own personal business data into the simulation to test out their own future scenarios.