Using SimVenture Evolution

using SimVenture EvolutionEvolution in Action – Business simulation application

I am always delighted when I ask people how they are finding the simulation… and get animated responses, from ‘it’s hard’, ‘it’s engaging’ to ‘it’s impossible’. Then when you open up the conversation, students talk in detail about their feelings and emotions as well as what they may (or may not) have learned. Everybody has an opinion based on experience, which is unlike reactions we get to our traditionally taught curriculum. You can’t knock that. Dr Simon Brown – Sheffield Hallam University

Opportunities to apply SimVenture Evolution in different learning environments are wide and varied. The business strategy game can be used in multiple ways to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

Take a look at the comprehensive education packages as well as the range of materials that have all been developed so SimVenture Evolution can be easily dovetailed into education courses.

Using SimVenture Evolution in your work

The simulation learning technology has also been designed so it can be applied specifically to educational programs, internationally recognised qualifications (led by organisations such as CIMA and ILM) as well as commercial management, entrepreneurship and leadership courses.

To find out more about business simulation application, click the links below. Where applicable, you’ll find we have provided detailed example materials, ‘how-to’ content and case studies so you can learn how the business simulation can be used in your specific area of work or study.

Professional Initiatives

The SimVenture team is also developing materials to use in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) modules. At the same time, work is being completed to marry up the simulation to finance and engineering courses.

Keep revisiting and bookmark this page as additional content and links to new courses, programs and qualifications will be continually added. Or get in touch with our Sales and Client Support team and discuss your needs with them.
using SimVenture Evolution

Using SimVenture Evolution in Schools and Colleges

At present, learning activities within SimVenture Evolution have not been created to support curriculum use at school and college levels. However, if you are keen to test the simulation to see how it engages students in your own institution, then we recommend you trial the free software first to assess suitability and gain student feedback.