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Become Brilliant in Business

Developed by experienced entrepreneurs keen to help people become brilliant in business and learn about entrepreneurship, SimVenture Classic is a powerful and multi-award winning business simulation.

If you aspire to be brilliant in business you can use SimVenture Classic you will run your own virtual company for up to 36 simulated months. There are multiple levels of difficulty so it's rarely easy. But neither is real business.

You can working solo or in groups. Just like the real world it's your job to manage all aspects of the company.

When you start out in Classic, you simply have an interest in making computers. You dream of turning this hobby into a real business. But can you use your skills and turn a pastime into a thriving business? Regardless of your own personal product or service interest, SimVenture Classic will teach you the principles of what it takes to start and sustain a new venture.

To create a thriving business you will have to manage yourself too since SimVenture Classic simulates money, time, stress, skills and tiredness. Little is left to chance when using the simulation.

brilliant in business
Manage all aspects of business when using SimVenture Classic

Start using SimVenture Classic

SimVenture Classic is Windows PC software. The learning resource will either be made available to you via an institutional computer. You can also buy home-based personal licences. Personal prices for licences typically start from £20 but visit this site to find all latest offers.

When you first use the business simulation, we suggest you explore all the 'Help' support within the software. This support is provided in many different formats and includes a series of video tutorials which are all designed to help you understand the simulator.

Within SimVenture Classic you will also find 5 Apprentice Scenarios. Use these Scenarios to build up your understanding of the simulation.

If you want to use the simulation at home on a Mac you will need to install emulation software (such as Parallels) or use Bootcamp to partition your hard drive (and then install Windows). Classic does not work on a non-Windows PC tablet.

brilliant in business

Student Learning Help & Support

As a student learning resource, SimVenture Classic provides all the following features to help you use the business simulation.

  • Extensive written help
  • Short videos explaining how key aspects of the simulation work
  • Apprentice Scenarios to practice skills
  • Virtual Business Adviser support
  • Written Tips and Traps
  • Key considerations for every business area
  • Access to decision history data so you can reflect and review
  • Extensive 'How do I' section helping you to resolve in-game challenges


brilliant in business
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Key Features of the Business Simulation

Discover all the key features of SimVenture Classic on this website. From all aspects of finance and operations through to sales, marketing and every organisational issue, you will find what you need here.