SimVenture Classic FAQs

If you are thinking of buying, or have bought the software, we appreciate you want to know more about the business simulation. This section helps you find answers to those SimVenture Classic FAQs quickly. For ease, we have grouped the most common question themes into the 4 categories below.

General Information

SimVenture is the award-winning business simulation allowing users to set up and run their own virtual company for three simulated years. The Windows-based software is built on 5 key principles: Authenticity; Engagement; Challenge; Meaning; and Sustainability. SimVenture provides a wealth of business information designed to help anyone wanting to learn about business and/or entrepreneurship.
SimVenture allows people to create and run a virtual business. Users make decisions in all areas of business and then see the consequences of their actions played out on screen. Resulting information must be considered and analysed by the user before further decisions are made. All decisions are captured by the software so that work can be critically reviewed later.
Designed by experienced entrepreneurs who have a very sound understanding of business, SimVenture took 4 years (approximately 30,000 hours) to build. The resource was created to help people learn in an engaging and authentic manner as well as make mistakes in a safe virtual environment.
Used by individuals as well as in schools, colleges, universities and commercial organisations, SimVenture is designed for anyone who has an interest in business and/or entrepreneurship. SimVenture is typically used by people aged 14 and over and is currently supporting courses in schools through to MBA studies.

For all details about latest prices, see our pages on individual and organisational pricing.

SimVenture is an authentic and flexible resource that can be used by individuals or groups to learn about how business really works. Teachers and Trainers can cover specific subjects within the software or engage students by allowing them to run a whole business. Small groups and individuals can test their own ability and knowledge or compete against each other.
Every effort is made by the SimVenture Team to gain feedback from teachers, trainers and users of the software. Research results have consistently shown that people are more engaged and keen to learn about related subjects using SimVenture. Throughout this website you will find research reports, case study material and testimonials that demonstrate the impact the software is having.
Testimonials from individuals, teachers, lecturers and commercial trainers are regularly posted on this website and we always welcome additional feedback so that the team can constantly improve the product. Clicking the arrows at the foot of page will allow you to scroll through a selection of quotes.

Teaching Training & Learning

Students are taught the considerations behind the decisions any business owner makes. The simulation covers many issues in-depth, including: Organisation; Finance; Operations; and Sales & Marketing. As a result, users learn how decisions made about one aspect of a business affects all others.
Whilst it takes less than 30 minutes to learn how to use the software, we recommend that teachers/trainers spend at least 4 hours using SimVenture before introducing it to a class.
Although good IT skills benefits users, teachers/trainers do not need to be computer literate in order to use SimVenture Classic. The software has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that anyone with a basic grasp of business can benefit from the business simulation.
There are many ways to teach and train with SimVenture Classic. The Resources section on the website is complete with free support information and this is recommended as a good place to start reviewing how to use the business simulation.
In addition to the on-line, on-site and Master training courses, a section on the website provides a wide range of free materials to support teaching with the software.
SimVenture Classic is designed to be a flexible learning resource. It can be used outside formal teaching time as well as integrated into a course on a regular or intensive basis. Since there are ‘Save’ and ‘Load’ functions, simulations can be played out each week (one month at a time) or dedicated lessons can be used to allow students to progress at their own speed.
SimVenture Classic work can be assessed in many different ways. Since users can save games and print out reports (that reflect all the decisions that have been made), teachers/trainers have access to instant evidence of how any virtual business has been created and run. This information is a powerful platform for any essay or presentation.
SimVenture Classic has been designed so individuals can use it on a standalone basis. However, SimVenture can be used by small groups (2 - 4 people) and/or taught to a class using a large projected image. SimVenture Classic is also an excellent tool to use as part of a competition and/or during a themed-based week.
SimVenture Classic is a very popular platform for competitions. Either playing in teams or as individuals, users start with the same scenario and are given a set period of time (e.g. 2 hrs) to achieve a certain objective or objectives. Many people within the SimVenture team have been involved in competitions and can offer advice and insight as to how they are best organised and run. Contact us for more information.
SimVenture Classic provides a number of tools for evaluation purposes. Each month the simulation generates a printable page summarising progress to date. The ‘Notepad’ function means that students can record all their thoughts, research findings and business notes within the simulation. In addition, a number of screens within the software summarise overall performance and data from the simulation can be exported for deeper analysis and comparison purposes.
The software has been designed and supported by business experts and as such mirrors the realities of starting a new business as closely as possible. SimVenture Classic requires users to make decisions and then see the consequences of their actions for up to 36 sim months and as such involves them in a deeper learning process. By understanding how business works, students develop a much stronger grasp of how all the taught elements of a new venture creation (or similarly titled module) fit together.

Purchasing Considerations

Organisational licences are priced per computer and there is no limit to the number of people who can use the software. A personal or student licence is provided for the individual on a single machine.
SimVenture Classic licences are available for 12 months (Annual Licence) or for an unlimited period of time (Permanent Licence). Annual licences will expire 12 months following the date of licensed installation.
You can download a Free Demo copy of SimVenture from this website or contact us if you would prefer to receive a DVD.
All purchases of SimVenture Classic include 12 months' maintenance and technical support as well as bug fixes and minor updates. In addition, free materials to help teach and train with the software are available on this website. Finally, the SimVenture Team provides on-line and on-site training as well as an annual Master course (all training is chargeable and details about training can be found on this website).
Once you have requested and received a quote for SimVenture Classic licences or training, simply send a Purchase Order to sales@simventure.com or send it by post to: Venture Simulations Ltd, South Newlands, Selby Road, York, YO19 6QR. Alternatively, you can contact a member of the team within the Sales and Client Support office. The direct line is +44 (0)1757 248168.
SimVenture Classic is typically supplied as a download link but if you are unable to accept the software in this format then it can be sent to you on a CD. However, P&P costs are likely to be added to any purchase.

Technical Considerations

The following specification is recommended to run SimVenture Classic: 1 Ghz Pentium equivalent or better, 500Mb disk space, 1Gb RAM, 1024x768 screen (+ CDROM to install or internet connection to download), sound (although it can be used without sound), Microsoft Windows 2000, XP service pack 2, Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 or 10.
Installing SimVenture on a single machine (using a download link) takes a matter of minutes. However, a licence code is then required (supplied electronically the SimVenture Team) for the software to be unlocked and operate fully.
All organisational purchases of SimVenture include a free network licence server. The licence server allows the software to be installed centrally (once) and then any connecting computer can access the software. The number of computers that can access SimVenture at any one time (concurrent) is dependent on the number of licences purchased.
As a Windows-based program, SimVenture will only work in a Mac environment if you have Windows emulation software running such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. You can also install Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp (hard disk partition).
Twelve months after purchase, an extended maintenance contract can be bought and is typically offered at 10% of the original software cost. An extended maintenance contract includes all technical and maintenance support, bug fixes and all minor updates of the software.
Twelve months after purchase, an extended maintenance contract can be purchased and is typically offered at 10% of the original software cost. An extended maintenance contract includes all technical and maintenance support, bug fixes and all minor updates of the software.
Software updates are made available free of charge as long as you have an existing SimVenture Maintenance contract in place (all new purchases of the software typically include a 12 month Maintenance contract). Details about extended maintenance are available on this site.

Further technical guidance and supporting SimVenture Classic FAQs information can also be found within the Troubleshooting SimVenture Classic and Troubleshooting SimVenture Classic Licence Server sections.