Organisational Pricing

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All organisational pricing options are listed below. You are welcome to request a quote for any number of ‘Annual Single Licences’ or ‘Permanent Single Licences’. SimVenture Classic can be installed across your network and used on any connected machine (using our free Network Licence Server)*.  Alternatively, install the business simulation on dedicated machines.

Our organisational pricing structure means you also have the option to purchase a Site Licence. A Site Licence is a comprehensive solution and gives users access to SimVenture Classic on any computer at any time within a single site. Site Licence prices vary according to size and type of organisation. As a rule, site licence prices are proportional to the total number of people who can access the software at any time. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote. All prices exclude VAT where applicable.

Organisation Annual Single Licence Permanent Single Licence Annual Site Licence Permanent Site Licence
School/Academy/Sixth Form £40 £60 £495 £995
College £70 £135 from £3,500 from £7,000
Higher Education £120 £250 from £5,000 from £10,000
Public Sector/SME/NGO £250 £600 from £12,500 from £25,000
Corporate £500 £1000 from £25,000 from £50,000

Personal licences for use at home and in education

Personal licences for use within an education institution and at home are available for £50 each (+ VAT where applicable). Personal licences used within an educational institution cannot be shared and must be installed on a computer owned or solely used by a named student. Teachers and Lecturers cannot use personal licences for teaching and must have access to a minimum of 1 teaching licence in order to work with students.


• Organisational Licence orders include a free Licence Server (allowing the software to be run across a Network) and a free 12-month Maintenance Contract.
• Discounts (from 15%) are applied to all orders of 15+ Licences used for teaching/training purposes. Contact us for more details and a quote. Rental licences (up to 1 month) are available at 50% of the annual cost.
• Site Licence price calculations are based on the number of people that can use as well as access the software within the institution/organisation.  Contact the SimVenture team for a Site Licence quote.
• Where a college includes degree courses, prices are subject to adjustment when SimVenture Classic is to be used to support any undergraduate or postgraduate learning or teaching.
• College prices typically apply to licences that are supplied to: an Educational Charity; Social Enterprise; Prison; and/or organisation that supports people who are otherwise disadvantaged.
• Wherever possible, SimVenture Classic Licence prices will be discounted by up to 35% for purchases made by organisations based in ‘Least Developed Countries’ (LDCs). Contact the SimVenture team for discounted Organisational pricing quotes.
• All international prices (especially where software has been customised and/or translated into the native language) vary from UK published rates.

* The total number of licences purchased determines the total number of computers that can access SimVenture Classic simultaneously.