International Overview

Going Global with SimVenture Classic

International SimVenture Classic success. The SimVenture small business simulation used in 40+ countries
SimVenture Classic is used in 40+ countries

Since launch in 2006, international SimVenture Classic demand has grown continuously. The small business simulation is now used in over 40 countries across all continents. As the product has become more popular in education and corporate training environments so the team has adapted and translated the simulation into languages other than English, which include:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Chinese

Latin and South American success

Working with Mexico-based Simuladores de Negocios, the Spanish version of SimVenture Classic was launched in 2010 and has since been supplied to schools, colleges and universities throughout Mexico and South America. For more details about the product and related training, contact Alan Gonzalez Curiel at Simuladores de Negocios or get in touch with the UK Sales and Client Support team.

International SimVenture Classic – Competition fuels China growth

International SimVenture Classic
International SimVenture Classic competition launch in China

In 2016, the team began work to create a fully-translated Chinese version of the small business simulation. This new product which was first launched in the summer of 2017 has been developed in collaboration with SinoCampus, our Partner Agent in China.

All work with SinoCamopus led to the inaugural international SimVenture Classic competition which was launched in Changzhou in autumn 2017 (pictured). Winners from the China finals staged in Beijing were all invited to participate in the international London finals taking place in March 2018.

For more details about the annual competition and where and when it is being held in 2018, contact the SinoCampus office in Beijing. Colleges and universities across China will be eligible for entry into the competition.

Work with us

A key part of the company’s growth has involved strategic collaboration with partners in many countries including many parts of Europe, North America and the Far East. Partner Agents work with us to supply software and training to education and corporate clients in their respective countries and also complete translation work. Over the next 12 months we hope to translate Classic into Arabic and will also be considering other languages.

If you would like to be put in touch with a local Partner Agent, let us know and we will connect you. Alternatively, if you are interested in knowing more about other international SimVenture Classic opportunities and/or the possibility of becoming a Partner Agent, we’d be delighted to hear from you.