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Validate Case Studies in Practice

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Case Studies illustrating how SimVenture Validate is being used and applied by organisations, tutors and students are provided on this page.

Use the Validate case studies to understand how:

  • Organisations such as the Open University have used the learning platform
  • Tutors have used the platform to support teaching
  • Students have used the platform to develop business ideas

The Validate case studies help to show how different parts of the Business Model Canvas are completed within the platform.

Access Validate Case Studies

1. Written by Robert Wilson, the Open University detailed Client Case Study explains how 70+ students used the platform as part of an entrepreneurial business competition.

2. The Tutor Case Study provides alternative ideas showing how the Validate learning platform can be used.

(3 & 4) The Student Case Studies are based on the opening of a new Pasta Restaurant and a Grass-fed lamb farm. Both Validate case studies reference key elements of the Business Model Canvas including: Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Get Keep & Grow, Channels, Operations, Finance and Sustainability.


Share your Experience

If you have any completed SimVenture Validate case studies or examples that you would like to share with others through this site, please get in touch. The team is always keen to demonstrate good practice and thus help more educators and students to learn more efficiently and effectively.

The case studies shared above highlight different ways in which people have used the ideation platform. For more information about Validate or to request an on-line demonstration of the of the software, please contact the Sales and Client Support team.

Validate User Interface and Completed Portfolios

The completed sample screens below show how different screens within the Validate platform appear once respective sections have been completed by users.

Validate is designed to be an attractive and visually engaging interface compared to the standard business plan. As a result, people are more motivated to engage with and complete work. Recorded information is easy to follow and understand (for both user and educator).

The completed ‘Portfolio’

Once a user completes their work within Validate, they can generate what we refer to as their own ‘Portfolio’. A portfolio can be exported in electronic format or printed out as a PDF for use and/or assessment.

validate case studies
Validate case studies
Validate case studies