Teach with Validate

Resources to help you teach with Validate

Teach with Validate

If you want to know more about available resources to help you teach with Validate you’re in the right place.


To help you train or teach with Validate you can:

  • Request a free on-line demo by completing and submitting the form at the foot of this page (available to professional teachers/trainers only).
  • Watch the teacher/trainer support videos below as well as the short films provided on the student page on this site.


Watch short films

Both films are designed to help you master the on-line administration side of the platform quickly. To learn more about how the platform works, view the additional videos available on the student page of this site and read the additional information.

1. Watch the Administrator function video and discover how you can control and manage learner as a well as educator activities within the system.

2. Watch the Educator functionality video and learn how to use SimVenture Validate to manage individuals who are using the platform as part of a class.

Validate for Educators

Another task to consider ahead of using Validate is to download and review the document below. Use this step-by-step guide to help you learn how to access the Administration part of the platform where you can organise users, monitor peoples’ progress and keep overall control.

Validate for Educators


How to manage student Validate licences

Once a purchase is made or order submitted, your licences are allocated to your institution/organisation account and your Administration log in details are supplied. The nominated ‘Administrator’ can then set up educator accounts and this person/these people can then invite individuals to sign up using a unique link.

When using Validate, students and users of the platform don’t have access to the Educator and Administrator functions. These accounts are only made available to teachers, tutors and instructors. To ease communication and to help you teach with Validate, one member of the teaching/training team is assigned to be the overall administrator.

how to use SimVenture Validate

Buying Licences

If you would like to purchase Validate for your organisation or for yourself please contact the Sales and Client Support Team. Written quotes based on licence requirements and any training support are supplied on request. You can also find all pricing details on this website.