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business gamesBusiness Games that impact learning

In 2006, the VSL team launched its first business simulation game, SimVenture Classic. Since then the company has become a market leader designing and publishing business simulations and business games for the education and corporate training sectors.

All work to create business simulations and business games is underpinned by a desire to create the circumstances where people learn effectively in an authentic and engaging and manner. At the same time, we want tutors and trainers are able to connect with a wider audience in a sustainable way that makes teaching enjoyable and highly rewarding.

Start & Scale a business using Evolution

business gamesIn 2016, VSL launched SimVenture Evolution. This on-line simulation lets people run a virtual company for up to 10 simulated years whilst tutors, trainers and instructors observe and assess progress in class or remotely.

Evolution allows people to manage and scale-up an SME and learn about the challenges of leading a growing company in a competitive environment. VSL collaborated with 10 partner universities throughout the design and build of the simulator. Following launch, Evolution has been embedded into many undergraduate and postgraduate modules.

Plan and Test a new venture using Validate

business gamesIn 2017, the team partnered with Balloon Ventures to develop and market ‘SimVenture Validate’. This latest on-line technology is designed to enhance work with the world-renowned ‘Business Model Canvas’.

Individuals at the pre-start phase use ‘Validate’ to support the testing of any for-profit or social enterprise business idea. For more information about SimVenture Validate or any of the other SimVenture business simulations, please contact the team.

Start and grow a micro business using Classic

business gamesSimVenture Classic is our original and multi-award winning business game used in over 40 countries.

The simulator allows people to setup and run a new business for 3 simulated years and experience what it’s like to get a business started and off the ground.

Within 5 years of launch Classic was being used in 40+ countries and had been translated into 3 languages. SimVenture Classic has also won 4 national awards and remains one of the most popular business games in Higher Education Institutions. In 2017, the VSL team worked with NCEE in China to translate the simulation into Chinese ahead of country-wide distribution.

Use the table below to compare the 2 business games, SimVenture Classic and SimVenture Evolution.

FeaturesSimVenture ClassicSimVenture Evolution
Hosting/EnvironmentOff-line software installed on institutional machines or serversOn-line, cloud based technology accessed from VSL servers
AccessWindows PCPC/Mac/Tablet
Simulation focus contextMicro start-up to small businessLarger-scale start-up to SME
Simulation focus experienceIn-depth tactical decisions with some strategy optionsStrategic management and decision making
Scope of simulationFirst 3 simulated years (played in monthly turns)First 10 simulated years (played in quarterly turns)
Nature of product/service within the simulation'Computers'Launches with 'Bicycles'. Other module options will be added
Purchase options (also see pricing)Per computer licencePer user account
Integrated on-line teaching environment with direct access to user/group workNoYes
On-line communication with and assessment of user workNoYes
Performance and financial data available to download & printYesYes
Availability of ready-made scenarios/activitiesYes (Scenarios and the ability to create custom Scenarios using Save & Load feature)Yes (Subject-based activities with accompanying materials)
Running competitionsPlayer versus computer onlyPlayer versus computer & direct player versus player
Suitable for individual and team-based workYesYes
Age suitability14+16+